Maureen’s Bone Support Protocol

All of the products below can be found on My personal journey in the development of this bone protocol began about 10 years ago. I was walking a trail for the fall equinox and paying attention to the changing foliage.  I was also engaged in conversation with Dr. Pai and walking at a brisk […]

Ayurvedic Massage & Treatments Part 3

Vishesh is a “special” massage. It combines an abhyanga oil massage with more friction using longer, deeper rhythmic strokes.  It is more invigorating for either pitta or kapha types. This is one of my favorite classic Ayurvedic massage because it is so varied. It starts out with an abhyanga and then the oil is wiped […]

Ayurvedic Massage & Treatments Part 2

Ayurvedic massages are therapeutic in nature, designed to help you eliminate toxins by drawing them out of the cells and moving them into the blood stream in order to be eliminated from the body. The cells allow the oil molecules to drag the bitter herbs inside them to clean up and nourish them. The movement […]

Welcome Intro Ayurveda Part 1

Welcome to Maureen’s Health Blog! Since many of us are staying home with family members or working at home, part of the time or all of the time due to COVID-19, I thought a blog would be a good way for me to reach out and share some vital information about health and healing.  You […]