Ayurvedic Massage & Treatments Part 3

Vishesh is a “special” massage. It combines an abhyanga oil massage with more friction using longer, deeper rhythmic strokes.  It is more invigorating for either pitta or kapha types. This is one of my favorite classic Ayurvedic massage because it is so varied. It starts out with an abhyanga and then the oil is wiped off and the long deep strokes and friction strokes are employed to really invigorate the blood circulation and lymph flow. It finishes with marma therapy and some Reiki.

Udvartna is especially for kapha types.  It starts off with an abhyanga with medicated oils and then a paste made of chickpea and barley flour mixed with oil and warming herbs are gently rubbed into the skin.  It exfoliates and is highly invigorating. The paste is removed with dry towels and then warm wet towels are used to relax and cleanse away any leftover debris from the skin. Your skin will be absolutely radiant!

Indian Head Massage – Champissage includes a massage to the head and scalp with the face, neck, chest and shoulder incorporated, rejuvenating and rehydrating your skin and hair. Specialized fragrant oils are used to stimulate hair growth and restore a youthful luster and shine to the skin and hair. It is followed by steam treatment and herbal oils applied into the nose to restore dry tissues and permeate the head, neck and upper shoulder issues.

Ayurvedic Herbal Wrap is a divine treatment for any time of the year, but especially the winter. Sheets and towels are soaked for 3 days in a hot signature blend tea made to relax and rejuvenate you. Your body is massaged using ayurvedic oils and herbs selected for your mind/body type. Then you are wrapped in the warm towels permeated with the herbal tea. A final wrap is used to keep in the heat while you emit toxins through your sweat glands. A cool cloth is placed on the head and eyes throughout the treatment and you are encouraged to sip water that is given to you as you sweat. This treatment is about 20 minutes long and is ideal to follow an abhyanga or vishesh massage. Once the sheets and towel are removed, you are covered with a dry sheet and light blanket and left to rest while your temperature returns to normal. This is a great treatment for all three doshas.

Shirodhara is an amazing healing treatment meant to calm the central nervous system and mind. A warm blend of medicated oils is poured steadily in a stream over the third eye and into the hair. The stream of warm oil is moved across the forehead in a slow, steady, even manner to instill peace and deep rest. This is an excellent treatment for people who have trouble sleeping soundly or suffer from anxiety. It is perfect for all three doshas, the medicated oils are tailored to your needs and doshas.

Soon we will be able to enjoy the luxurious, healing massages and treatments of Ayurveda.  Until then, you can decide which one you would like enjoy.  We can have an Ayurvedic consultation via zoom and create a plan for your personal healing.


Maureen Sutton