Sanjevani Meaning

Sanjevani. Noun – [Sanskrit: The Herb of Life]

The term Sanjevani (pronounced San-jeev-ani) has its origins in the popular India epic, the Ramayana in which Prince Ram, around whom the Ramayana revolves, and the evil King Ravan, the Lord of Lanka are engaged in war. In this epic battle, Ram’s younger brother Lakshman is mortally wounded. The only way to save him, Ram is informed, is with the life-rejuvenating herb Sanjevani, found in the Valley of Flowers in the Himalayas.

Ram sends his most trusted confidante Hanuman (whom symbolizes strength and energy with unyielding devotion to Rama and his selfless dedication to God) in search of Sanjevani, but is unable to find and recognize the healing herb. Aided by his dynamic yogic powers, Hanuman returns, bringing the entire mountain with him along with the Vaidyas (doctors of Ayurvedic Medicine) and the herbs. The Vaidyas then deliver Sanjevani to Lakshman and he is rejuvenated, thus saving his life. Lakshman returns to battle and aids in winning the war against the evil King Ravan. Therefore, good triumphs over evil. This story immortalizes Sanjevani as the “Herb of Life.”

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