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At House of Sanjevani  we believe that there should be no compromise when it comes to massage therapy. There is no compromise in the products we use in those treatments either.  The health of your skin is as important as the health of your entire physical being. We believe that “if you can’t put a product in your mouth to eat, then you should never put it on your skin”.  When you enter the inner sanctum for a relaxing, luxurious healing treatment at House of Sanjevani  you can be sure that your best interests and needs will be taken into account. Our treatments are tailor made to suit your body type and condition.

Massages and Treatments Available at House of Sanjevani 

All of our 45/60/90 Minute massages are therapeutic and dependent upon the needs of the recipient. These massages can include Swedish, Lymphatic Manipulation, Cranial Sacral, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release and stretching. All will end with Marma Point Therapy, Reiki and Sound Therapy to balance body, mind and spirit.

Ayurvedic Massages

  •  60min. Abyyanga is based upon traditional Ayurvedic massage. It is primarily used for stress reduction, venous circulation and lymphatic system stimulation. Warm herbal oils, based upon your body type, are used in slow paced rhythmic movements. Great for vata types.
  • 60 min. Vishesha is a special massage, similar to the Abhyanga but it uses deeper, longer rhythmic movements with less oil. This massage helps to loosen deep impurities and relieve chronic tension and stress. Best for pitta and kapha types.
  • 30 min. Garshana is an exfoliating massage using cotton gloves in a vigorous friction massage over the entire body and then followed with a gentle oil massage. The garshan promotes circulation and stimulates the lymphatic system.  Your skin will feel polished and glowing. Excellent for kapha types.
  • 60 min. Indian Head Massage can be done on its own or with a shirodhara treatment. This is an invigorating massage and very relaxing, soothing away tension and releasing a tight scalp. Ancient Ayurvedic oils will be used to stimulate the scalp circulation and improve hair growth renewing its luster and shine. Included is a sweet loving face, neck, chest, shoulders and upper back massage using a delicate touch and slightly scented fine facial oils to rehydrate the skin imparting a youthful glow. It will be followed by a gentle steam treatment and therapeutic herbal oils applied into the nose and optionally into the ears as well.
  • 60 min. Udvartna is a specialty massage for kapha types using a blended paste of chickpeas and barley flour applied after a light friction massage with herbalized oils.  This massage is highly invigorating stimulating the lymph system and circulation while exfoliating the skin leaving it smooth and glowing.
  • 60 min. Sound Healing massage uses Tibetan singing bowls and tuning forks. The tuning forks are applied to pressure points. Essential oils and hands-on energy techniques transport you on a journey of self-discovery and renewal, letting go of that which no longer serves you and accessing clarity so you may follow your own true path.
  • 90 min. Blue Pearl The entire universe of vibrating sound evolves from the Blue Pearl. Siri Gurumayi says of the Blue Pearl, “It is very intoxicating. In fact, it has abilities to remove the deepest sorrows from your heart.” The Blue Pearl uses Ayurvedic oil massage combined with sound and energy healing, taking you to place of true healing.
  • 45 min. Kati Basti is a therapeutic treatment from traditional Ayurveda. It is a restorative treatment used to soothe the sacral region of the back. It is especially beneficial for lower back pain, slipped or herniated discs, sciatica and arthritis in the spine. This treatment begins with a relaxing massage of the back using marma points. A dam made of chickpea and barley dough is constructed on the region of discomfort and then warm medicated oils are poured inside. The oils penetrate deeply through the tissues, bathing the affected vertebrae, nerves and muscles.
  • 45 min. Hrd Basti is similar to the Kati Basti except the warm herbal oils are retained over the region of the heart affecting the heart muscle and chakra. Special Ayurvedic herbs are used to reduce pain in the sternum and strengthen the heart.
  • 45 min. Netra Basti in traditional Ayurveda, Netra Basti is used for maladies of the eyes. This is a very soothing treatment, ideal for eye strain and calming the mind. Small eye cups filed with warmed medicated ghee are placed over the eyes, bathing the eye in a beautiful golden light. The golden oil penetrates the eye and its nerves and muscles, relaxing and rejuvenating your vision. This is a great treatment for people who spend a lot of time working on the computer.
  • Up to 20 min. Basti is a specifically formulated warm herbal oil enema designed to promote elimination of toxins from the physiology.
  • 30 min. Nasya is used in Ayurveda for any conditions of the upper body from the naval upward. This is a great treatment for frozen shoulder, congestion of the nose and lungs, allergies, sinusitis, nasal infections or insomnia. It is used to clean and lubricated the mucous membranes, to open blocked sinuses and clear the head and throat. Specially formulated herbal oils are massaged into the face, scalp, chest, shoulders and upper back. Steam with essential oils is administered to clear the sinuses and then medicated oil is dripped into the nasal passages.
  • 45 min. Marma Points are similar to acupressure points, when they are gently stimulated they can increase physical and mental energy as well as expansion of consciousness. Aromatherapy oils are used to enhance the benefits of marma therapy techniques.
  • 45 min. Reiki is a subtle form of energy healing for all levels of your being – body, mind and spirit. Reiki can be taken as a stand-alone treatment or part of any other massage or treatments on our menu. Marma points and Reiki are used to enhance all of Maureen’s massages.
  • 30 min. Shirodhara is a profoundly relaxing treatment using warm herbal oil that is poured in a steady stream over the third eye region of the forehead. The oil stream is moved across the forehead in a slow, steady manner that calms the entire central nervous system integrating the mind and body. This treatment is an excellent follow up to the Indian Head Massage or Nasya. It can also be requested with most of our massages.
  • 30 min. Swedna is a luxurious detoxification treatment. Following a warm oil massage, a steam tent is placed over your body while you are still lying on the massage table. The herbal steam allows the oils to permeate deep into the tissues, melting away tensions and toxins. Cool cloths are applied to the forehead throughout the treatment. Recommended to follow any of the 60 minute Ayurvedic massages.
  • 30 min. Ayurvedic Herbal Wrap This herbal wrap starts with an herbalised oil massage and herbs specific to your dosha (mind body type) are gently rubbed into the skin. You will be cacooned in warm moist sheets that have been soaked in a relaxing herbal concoction. This allows the body to sweat and release toxins through the pores. A cool cloth is kept on the forehead and eyes to avoid overheating.
  • 45 min. Visceral Manipulation is a very gentle evaluation and manipulation of the visceral organs while feeling for restrictive patterns and decreased motion of the organs that affect other areas of the body. And as emotions are stored in the organs, this can be a cathartic session of gentle release.
  • 30-60 min. CranioSacral uses a light touch to make profound changes by releasing tension, pain and dysfunction. CranioSacral allows the body to deeply relax, releasing the stress, patterns of tension and dysfunctions through self-correction. CranioSacral is safe and effective for people of all ages.
  • 1-5 days Panchakarma a purification and rejuvenation program involving a series of specialized massages and treatments tailored to your mind/body type (dosha). There are three essential components of the panchakarma process.The first step is oleation which is done through herbalized oil massages to loosen the toxins or ama in the tissues. Sometimes, as in the case of Nasya (oil in the nostrils), Netra (oil in the eyes) or Karnapoorna (oil in the ears) or oil pulling (oil in the mouth for mouth and gum disease prevention) the herbalized oils are taken internally.The second step is heating the body using steam and warm oil therapies, known as swedna in Ayurveda. Using therapeutic heat allows the loosened toxins to flow more easily from the tissues into the G.I. tract.The third step is the process of elimination of the accumulated toxins with a gentle oil and herb enema known as a basti, or the gentle cleansing of the respiratory tract and sinuses, known as nasya.

    These treatments are administered over a period of consecutive days allowing for a profound and deeply purifying experience. Panchakarma is usually administered at the change of the seasons.

    You are invited to try our One Day Panchakarma Sampler to feel the magic of gentle purification through luxurious massages and treatments.

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