Allergy Testing & SAAT/SLIT Treatments

Allergy Testing

Allergy or sensitivity testing is an excellent way to diagnose various foods, pollens, and other environmental substances which cause inflammatory responses.  These inflammatory responses manifest in your body in a number of ways, generally as gastrointestinal problems, skin disorders, pain conditions, mood disorders and of course respiratory and sinus problems.

We avoid using skin prick testing which is not only painful and inconvenient, it can also produce false positive and false negative results. Therefore, to obtain a more sensitive and specific analysis of your allergens, we only use blood testing known as RAST IgE and IgG4 testing through our specialized laboratory. This tests reactions that happen within one hour of exposure (or consumption for foods) to reactions that are delayed up to four days later.

Through our extensive experience with allergy testing and treatments, we have developed a specific panel of the most common foods and inhalant allergens. However, you can also customize your test by choosing from a list of allergens which are available and may be obtained from our office staff.  These tests can be covered by your insurance, however, we do recommend that you check with your insurance provider prior to testing to ensure eligibility.

SAAT: Soliman Auricular Allergy Treatment

SAAT (Soliman Auricular Allergy Treatment) is a simple acupuncture treatment which will aid in the desensitization of various allergies, foods and environmental substances like pollens, molds, and dander.  This treatment protocol was adapted by Dr. Nader Soliman who had refined auricular acupuncture introduced by Dr. Paul Nogier of France.  Auricular acupuncture has been proven very helpful for a variety of conditions and in our experience an excellent outcome for those with allergies and sensitivities.  In clinical practice for over a 10 year period, this technique offered unprecedented relief from allergies with no recurrence of the allergen treated.  Dr. Pai has trained with Dr. Soliman in this specialized technique.

Many people suffer from allergies on a year-round or seasonal basis, these can be treated simply and quickly with great results.  The treatment is very simple, some quick testing to find the points on the ear that correspond to the allergen.  The extremely small acupuncture needles are then placed in these locations and covered with an adhesive tape to keep them in place.  We recommend desensitization of only 2 allergens at one time, as this has been proven more effective than treating more. The needles are worn for 3 weeks then removed, along with your sensitivities.  If the needles do come out, we recommend removing the small needle or coming to our office to have it removed and scheduling a time to have it replaced.  The cost of this treatment is a mere fraction of what can be spent on a lifetime of antihistamines, nasal sprays, special diet meals and the time you spend dealing with these problems.  90% of patients respond favorably and do not have the allergy or are less symptomatic to their allergies when exposed.

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