Allergy Drops Therapy

Most people with inhalant (environmental) allergies use over-the-counter remedies such as antihistamines, steroids and/or natural therapies such as dietary supplements, herbs, and tinctures. Unfortunately, these remedies do not treat the cause of the allergies, just the symptoms. Thus, when one stops taking them, their allergy symptoms come back again.

Allergy shots or injection immunotherapy (SCIT -Subcutaneous Immunotherapy) is an option for treatment, but most allergy sufferers, especially children, adults and those that are sensitive to medications are unable to tolerate this treatment due to the inconvenience of weekly shots, the pain associated with them and do not want exposure to other chemicals such as phenolics, preservative or additives.

Allergy Drops Therapy™ is a novel program method for the treatment of both inhalant and food allergies. Allergy Drops Therapy™ program includes an Integrative Medicine allergy consultation with Sunil Pai, MD to address a comprehensive holistic approach to the evaluation and natural treatment options for allergies. A customized program including Allergy Drops Therapy™ (Sublingual immunotherapy) based on a simple accurate blood test is prescribed as a safe, effective and simple way to treat those with seasonal, environmental and more complex allergies such as mold and food allergies.

Allergy Drops Therapy™ includes options for sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) utilizing allergy drops. Allergy drops are similar to allergy shots in the way they work to slowly build a tolerance to the substances that cause your allergic reactions. But, instead of getting treatment through an injection, allergy drops deliver the antigens in a metered dose pump as a drop under the tongue three times a day.

The sublingual area under the tongue delivers the antigens into the body via specialized dendritic cells. The antigens are taken into the immune system for recognition and desensitization (increased tolerance to what you are allergic to). With daily exposure to calculated doses of each antigen (based on your individual lab testing results), most people start feeling a reduction in their symptoms in as little as 6 weeks. After a few months, their symptoms continue to reduce and which leads to more days free from their allergy symptoms.

Most adult patients take allergy drops daily for three to five years and then they are basically tolerant of their allergies. Children may complete treatment as early as two years because their immune system’s response is much faster. Best results are seen in those who are consistent and compliant in taking their allergy drops three times daily along with lifestyle recommendations given.

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