Heart Math

Heart Brain Coherence: A State of Optimal Function

Recent biomedical research has revealed that the heart is not merely a simple pump, but actually a highly complex, self-organized information-processing center. With each beat, the heart continuously communicates with the brain and body via the nervous system, hormonal system, bio-electromagnetic interactions and other pathways.

The HeartMath Institute’s research has shown that generating sustained positive emotions facilitates a body-wide shift to a specific, scientifically measurable state. This state is termed psychophysiological coherence, because it is characterized by increased order and harmony in both our psychological (mental and emotional) and physiological (bodily) processes. Psychophysiological coherence is state of optimal function. Research shows that when we activate this state, our physiological systems function more efficiently, we experience greater emotional stability, and we also have increased mental clarity and improved cognitive function. Simply stated, our body and brain work better, we feel better, and we perform better.

HeartMath self-regulation techniques have been shown to be effective with young children, adolescents, young adults and adults dealing with a variety of emotional, mental and medical challenges.

Therapists, clinicians and other health-care practitioners report that they have seen improvement in perception, self-regulation and behavior in clients and patients with acute, chronic and recurrent pain, psychophysiological problems, learning and performance issues and chronic illness.

HeartMath products, tools and techniques are based on over 25 years of scientific research conducted at the HeartMath Institute on the psychophysiology of stress, emotions, and the interactions between the heart and brain. There are over 300 peer-reviewed or independent studies utilizing HeartMath techniques or technologies to achieve beneficial outcomes that have been published.

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